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Heat loss reduction

Good insulation not only prevents personal injuries and damage caused by fire, it also substantially contributes to the prevention of heat loss.


The pipes and installations in industrial plants often carry heated materials. These materials need to be kept at a certain temperature for an optimal production process. To achieve this, the materials are heated in different phases of the production process. When the pipes and installations are not properly insulated, heat loss occurs.


80% heat loss reduction

The total heat loss of an installation determines its energy consumption, and efficiency and the CO2 emission caused by its operation. The total heat loss also fundamentally influences the costs of air-conditioning and ventilation systems and is therefore a key topic in energy management. Rockwool Technical Insulation supplies stone wool products which are made especially to insulate installations with high temperatures. The insulation of hot pipes and other technical installations can result in up to 80% heat loss reduction. This depends on the thickness of the insulation and on the precision of application.

Awareness process control

“…while insulation is contributing to a cleaner environment, it could do much more. The fact is that most process lines and equipment in industrial plants are under-insulated. Why? Because many engineers are simply not aware that insulation can improve process control, while at the same time contributing to environmental preservation and reduced costs.”

Source: National Insulation Association

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