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07 October 2010

Sustainability report 2010 released

Energy efficient new homes without an energy bill; and a dramatic increase in the number and the intensity of energy modernisation of buildings. A new Sustainability Report delivers the recipe to creating more than a million green jobs, energy savings worth billions of Euro and much needed cuts in CO2 emissions.

Make new, efficient homes that wave good-bye to energy bills. Boost the number and efficiency of energy modernisation of old buildings by at least a factor of three. And start making hot industrial processes energy efficient. The new Sustainability Report from the Rockwool Group reveals a massive, unexploited potential of 75% in energy efficiency gains in buildings. Making better buildings could help create a better life for millions of people.

What are we waiting for? 

Buildings account for some 40% of the energy consumption in modern society. But most of this expensive energy is needlessly wasted:

    - The technology for low-carbon buildings is available. This is not rocket science. It’s even economically prudent – both for the residents and for society - to make buildings that consume just a fraction of the energy most people use to heat or cool their – often poorly insulated - home. So what are we waiting for? wonders Eelco van Heel, President and CEO of one of the world’s leading insulation specialists, Rockwool International A/S. 

Sustainability report 2010

Good-bye to energy bills

The Sustainability Report delivers not just visions, but tangible examples from many parts of the world as to how we can build a sustainable future as from today:

  -  I recently had the pleasure to help inaugurate the first PassivePlus home here in my country. If you make your home energy efficient, waving good-bye to household energy-bills comes within reach, says Eelco van Heel.  

Old, leaky buildings

The largest potential, however, remains in our existing buildings:

Millions of people around the world live in buildings that are cold and draughty in winter, or too hot in summer. Many cost-efficient energy modernisations are not initiated due to lack of up-front financing. It is urgent to provide this funding. This will reduce energy poverty and unhealthy indoor climates. Our energy security and employment will be improved too, says Eelco van Heel.

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